SUMMONING Reveal Album Details for “WITH DOOM WE COME”

From their 1995 Debut: Lugburz, SUMMONING started as a traditional Black Metal Project which morphed into something much more epic. Taking influences from the depths of Mordor and JRR Tolkien’s Universe, the next instalment in their ever developing saga is due to release on 5th January 2018 via Napalm Records.

“With Doom We Come” gives promises of monumental keyboard soundscapes contrasting with raw black metal. We cannot wait for the mystery to unfurl. – We will keep you posted!

Summoning in doom we come.jpg

1. Tar-Calion
2. Silvertine
3. Carcharoth
4. Herumor
5. Barrow-downs
6. Night Fell Behind
7. Mirklands
8. With Doom I Come

Band Lineup:
Protector (Richard Lederer) – Vocals, keyboards, guitars, drum programming
Silenius (Michael Gregor) – Vocals, keyboards, formerly bass

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Summoning in doom we come.jpg

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