LIVE REVIEW: Lagerstein supported by Red Rum & Sellsword @ The Maze 03/10/2017

“Young, Dum and Full of Rum” Tour. The Maze, Nottingham. 3rd October 2017. Lagerstein, supported by Red Rum and Sellsword.

Grab your pegleg and get ready to get well and truly legless. Local Nottingham Venue, The Maze, is about to face mutiny… Lost Imperium Music in partnership with Keg Stand Productions are anchoring the Young, Dumb and Full of Rum Tour across the UK. With a takeover of 3 established power and pirate metal bands, it’s going to get messy…

First on the bill are Yorkshire Mercenaries: Sellsword. Something has to be said for a band that converts a sword into a mic stand… That is the sort of thing you come to appreciate in this genre. Get ready for some audience participation! After receiving particularly helpful instructions, the audience responded almost unanimously with some quality jigging action. Bringing their blend of power metal to Nottingham, they give us some of the best tracks from their 2016 album: “…And Now We Ride”. Finishing their performance with track: “Hadrada”, we are met with a somber beginning and a formidable progression. Overall a remarkable and slick performance from a clearly very talented group of individuals. Vocalist, Stuart Perry, has a set of lungs to be proud of and as quoted, the “pirates of the land” were an absolute pleasure to watch.

Resident Nottingham Pirates: Red Rum, put an electrifying amount of energy into their hometown show. Playing their larger than life anthems of wenches and ale, the band of brothers are charasmatic and drunken in all the best ways. I think it’s important that I point out the particular talents of guitarist, Sam Wood. This pirate conquered an uncountable number of beerbongs (and with absolutely no detriment to his performance). His enthusiasm didn’t even quiver…

Keyboards from Sam Bradford, worked beautifully alongside the guitar melodies and drums throughout their set. The chemistry between the members shows you clearly how they have got to this point. They gave a tight and professional performance whilst still maintaining the charector and attitude of the genre. “Taking the Hobbits to Isengard” is a fan favourite and it’s easy to see why. The audience erupts to their metal rendition. The calibre of writing really comes out in “Drenched In Ale”, fast, fun and pirate metal to the bone.

With word of a new album due to hit the shores in 2018, we are really excited what they bring to the tavern next.

Australian Lagerstein are everything you would want from Pirate Metal and more. An established act that have been plundering Europe since April, have carved their mark on the British Scene. With seven crew members they have traveled from far and wide on their “Young, Dumb and Full of Rum Tour”.

Storming the stage to a crowd that is warmed up and ready to jig, their gritty charisma and infectious shanty’s are extremely well received. Vocals from Captain Gregarrr are delivered with hearty conviction and fiery passion. Commanding the crowd to sing and chant along, their show included some of their most notorious tracks: Pirate Metal Piracy, Jungle Juice and Shiver Me Timbers. Joined onstage by beer bong aficionado, Sam Wood, from Red Rum, we see a reincarnation of his bouzouki mastery once again for 1 short but sweet song.

Kneeling on the venue’s floor, we are given slower number, “Drink Til We Die” the melting pot of haunting vocals, aggressive percussion and dwindling violins join together to create an impressive performance. A cover of “Party all the time” was a very much welcome addition to their setlist – the atmosphere throughout that song, and all of the others was commendable.

There aren’t many occasions that you are encouraged to drink from footwear (or specifically – boots) however, my recommendation is to do it to the drunken melodies of Lagerstein.


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Band Line Up –

Stuart Perry

Henry Mahy

James Stephenson

Tom Keeley

Tom Warner

Red Rum:

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Band Line Up –

Dave Everitt

Sam Wood

Alex Taylor

Sam Bradford

Danny Woolley

Mitch Seymour


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Band Line Up:

Captain Gregarrr

The Majestic Beast

Neil Rummy Rackers

Mother Junkst


Ol’ mate Dazzle

Author: Samantha Salsbury

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