CONAN Unveil Details of their Upcoming Release: Man Is Myth – Early Demos

Conan are getting ready to share their secrets from the rehearsal rooms. Due to release a collection of 7 Demo’s and rehearsal recordings on the 17th November 2017, the band are now ready to reveal the track list for “Man Is Myth – Early Demos“. 

1. Battle In The Swamp ( Rehearsal room demo 2009 )
2. Satsumo ( Rehearsal room demo 2009 )
3. Krull ( Rehearsal room demo 2009 )
4. Satsumo ( Rehearsal room demo 2006 )
5. Gravity Chasm ( Studio demo 2012 )
6. Foehammer ( Studio demo 2012 )
7. Domed Iron Boss ( Studio demo 2012 )

In conversation with Napalm Records, Paul Davis, Guitarist and Vocalist comments: “Conan has been active since 2006. Our first demo was recorded on Jan 27th, 2007 and since then we have continued to release our music and tour worldwide. We started out with nothing and gave it everything, like most respected bands. We are proud of where we have been and excited about where we may still go. These demos show a little bit of our progression through this time and hopefully can give the listener an idea of where we have come from. Our aim is always to play to our strengths and not over complicate, it held true at the beginning and it holds true now.
Never give up.”

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