Doom Metal Giants, Paradise Lost, have just released their latest Album: MEDUSA. Their 15th Studio album from a career spanning over 29 years is possibly some of their most brilliant material to date.

First Track, “Fearless Sky” doesn’t hold back, hitting heavy with a minor key, rumbling vocals and a slow but certain drum beat. The signature vocals from Nick Holmes are as gritty and sinister as always, adding to that gothic and deep soundscape. “Gods of Ancient” is a force to be reckoned with. Mammoth riffs flow alongside the precise power of the drums played Waltteri Väyrynen. The energy carries on into “From the Gallows”, a gripping guitar solo brings this track together and compliments the chunky bass undertone.

“The Longest Winter” lulls you into a false ambience. Starting off light but bleak, the tension and aggression builds with slow and heavy with vocals that will haunt you. A short introduction with piano turns into a much bigger character is title track “Medusa”. Rolling, intricate riffs are the perfect partner to dark lyrical subject matter. This is when I started to believe that this was the best material PARADISE LOST have released in years. “No Passage for the Dead” is a personification of the doom genre, each layer builds and enhances each other, full and deep vocals bring the atmosphere to another melancholic level.

Aggressive percussion, rattling bass and melting guitar tones bring “Blood and Chaos” to life. It’s animalistic atmosphere is the perfect companion to the harsh, guttural vocals. Returning the somber, shadowy depths, “Until the Grave” brings the misery. Rough around the edges but with a stunning lead guitar shining through.

Dwindling and ambient, we fall into “Shrines”, this track transforms into a beast and then back again with just a simple change of vocal style. “Symbolic Virtue” brings this album to the perfect, burning, sombre end to the tune of haunting piano melodies.


Band Lineup

Nick Holmes.
Greg Mackintosh.
Aaron Aedy.
Steve Edmondson.
Waltteri Väyrynen.

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