NE OBLIVISCARIS Unveil Second Track from URN

Hailing from Melbourne, Australia, NE OBLIVISCARIS have just unveiled the second single from their upcoming album “URN”. “URN (Part One) – Within the Void We Are Breathless” follows the release of their other single “Intra Venus”.

Frontman, Tim Charles tells Seasons of Mist: “The 14-minute long title track from our new album ‘Urn’ comes in two parts and forms the album’s grand finale. We are now presenting Part 1, ‘And Within The Void We Are Breathless’. This song is one of the more intense featured on our new record and flows through darker territory than the previously released, ‘Intra Venus’.”

“URN” is set to release on the 27th October 2017 under Seasons of Mist.


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