LIONIZE have just released their latest album upon Planet Earth. NUCLEAR SOUL is an 11 track adventure filled with their special blend of hard rock. Recorded in Maryland, USA the band worked with Clutch’s Jean Paul Gaster and J. Robbins to produce their masterpiece. Released under New Beginnings Media and The End Records, NUCLEAR SOUL has really caught worldwide attention.

NUCLEAR SOUL drips with funk, passion and science fiction dreamscapes. Opening the album with “Darkest Timeline”, your block will be well and truly knocked off. Intricate and infectious keyboard drive this song into a new dimension. Soulful vocals from NATE BERGMAN are the order of the day. The energy and determination from each of them as musicians comes across very early on. Adding even more funk to the musical melting pot is “Face of Mars”. Complex and diverse percussion really made this track stand out. Bass from HENRY UPTON demands to be heard and its not disappointing.

“Fire of Athena” was recently released as a single and since then, it has been my favourite track on NUCLEAR SOUL. It really steals the show. Starting with a beautiful acoustic soundscape, we fall into this deep and rolling riff. Sang with passion and emotion, the lyrics are the perfect recipe for a singalong. Each layer hits the mark consistently. With radio mixed interludes, we fall into “Power Grid Blues”. Dramatic rock ‘n roll guitars give this track its own personality. Powerful, fun vocals play to the sound of larger than life guitar and electrifying keys.

Following the haunting melancholy of “Ain’t it a Shame”, politically charged track: “Election Year” shatters the calm with aggressive and popping percussion and melting guitars. The Message? “Don’t Trust the Government, It’s just a pack of lies…”. There is no holding back with “March of the Clones”. Filled with a blues vibe with almost ethereal keyboards laid over the top works so well for them on this track.

Calming things down, “Let you down” is soulful and beautiful. Twinkling with detail, the emotive lyrics are the perfect match for this slow progressive song. Singing with fire and feeling, this is another perfect example of the talent of frontman, NATE BERGMAN. Following interlude track: “The Mad Scientist of Sunshine”, LIONIZE Set the scene of a post apocalyptic wasteland in title track NUCLEAR SOUL. Backing vocals highlight the melodies seamlessly in this powerful and emotional anthemThe album comes to a close with another recently released single: “Blindness to Danger”. Fast, complicated and fiery in almost every way. This is the last taste of the rattling keys, dynamic vocals, electric riffs and punchy percussion. An incredible piece of work from LIONIZE once again…



Band Line Up:

Chris Brooks – Keys
Henry Upton – Bass
Chase Lapp – Drums
Nate Bergman – Guitar & Vocals

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