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Gothic doom practitioners END OF GREEN have brought out their 9th Studio Album. Originating from Stuttgart, Germany the 4 piece give us “VOID ESTATE”. Released under Napalm Records, their latest album showcases some true german gothic doom. With 11 tracks and and a bonus track, this is their first release since 2013 with “The Painstream”(Napalm Records). Starting off we have “Send in the Clowns”, hauntingly slow and bittersweet. Atmospheric and ambient guitars set a tone for whats to come. “The Dark Side of the Sun” is an interesting track. Passionate lyrics and progressive chunky instrumentals bring this song to life. Lyrically, they have opted for deep and emotive language. Talking of pain and suffering. Their Wikipedia page cites their themes as relating to loneliness, depression, pain and death – this comes across in every track.
The third track, “The Door”, takes a whole new direction to where we began with “The Dark Side of the Sun”. Starting so lightly we get introduced to the ambient tones that match perfectly to gritty vocals from Michelle Darkness.
Beginning slow and full of bass, “The Unseen” offers a gritty melody that turns into some real gothic rock and roll.  This song is what I imagine The Eagles would sound like if they were a gothic doom band.
“Dressed in black” has an alter ego. It begins by lulling us into a false sense of security. Starting low and slow it progresses and doubles up in power. The songs direction changes halfway through, and they really pull it off.
Probably my favourite song on this album has to be “Mollodrome”. For me, this stands out as the most traditionally “doom” song here. Taking advantage of their power and bass the drums stand out. Throughout the entire album, the percussive aspects really serve as a strong backbone to the bluesy rock and roll themes.
Despite this style of doom generally not being what I would jump to listen to, this band has brought some really unique elements to this album to create something as diverse as this. You can truly see their melting pot of influences bubbling over… END OF GREEN’S VOID ESTATE is OUT NOW!

Band lineup:
Michelle Darkness (Vocals, Guitar)
Kirk Kerker (Guitar)
Lou Siffer (Drums)
Sad Sir (Guitar)
Rainier Sicone Di Hampez (Bass)



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