Eluveitie: Evocation II: Pantheon ALBUM REVIEW

Eluveitie always takes me somewhere else. It sends me to somewhere beautiful and raw, surrounded by celtic tales and magic. This album starts exactly where I expected, the scene is set with sounds of the land, rustling branches, wind blowing unpredictably.

Evocation II: Pantheon is a return to a style we first saw from Eluveitie in 2007, with Evocation I: Arcane Dominion. Unlike any of their other work, these albums focus on their classical and folk instrumentals. The 2 parts turn away from the strong and powerful riffs and instead replace these with equally fascinating string and pipe melodies. Despite the loss of electric influence, they do not lose their style or feel. 

The vocals from Fabienne Erni are the perfect match for the underlying Celtic sounds and atmosphere. Her ability to use the powerful historical folk influences in her tone is impressive. 

Interwoven between the songs, spoken word elements really tie this album together. It really adds to the drama of each track and fill. All of the lyrics are spoken and sung in Gaulish, an ancient Celtic language. It introduces magic and poetry into what already feels like it should be the skyrim soundtrack.

With technical whistles, pipes and strings flowing throughout the album, it sheds light on the skill and creativity of the musicians playing them. With a total of 9 current members all with incredible talent in playing both traditional folk and classical instruments, there is really no end to the possibilities they could present. 

The layering of different tones is typical of the folk style and for Eluveitie it has worked so well. When you listen closely and pick the instruments apart from eachother you get a good understanding of the depth and intricacies that lay within their writing style.

A raw and unplugged way of storytelling has been crafted so beautifully by Eluveitie with Evocation II: Pantheon. 

Released 18/08/2017 under Nuclear Blast.


OUT NOW: http://www.nuclearblast.de/en/label/music/band/discography/details/4764695.71068.evocation-ii-pantheon.html 


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