Jumping straight into this album was so easy. The atmospheric building immediately sets a scene for whats to come. With ambient noises that build up to louder soundscapes, AMAIN, to me is cinematic. Combining strings, orchestral backing and a diverse selection of vocal styles, this album is beginning to tell a story. Tribal drums lead us on our journey.

Traditional folk vocals from Helena Haaparanta are totally spellbinding, flowing throughout the whole album they add a certain authenticity that is so hard to recreate. The Folk Influences and elements seem so carefully constructed and composed and in this case, that really pays off.

“The Last of Stands” was released as a single shortly before AMAIN came out. The guitars are strong and powerful and the mix of the clean and harsh vocals works perfectly here. The orchestral backing used in this track, adds so much depth and drama. Guitars by Jakke Viitala can only be described as fantastically symphonic, they provide the perfect melodies to compliment the atmosphere and feel of all of their tracks. Occasionally groovy bass lines from Miska Sipiläinen provide the perfect backbone to the melodies.

“Ten Winters Apart” comes in 4 parts. Rolling into each other seamlessly they progress and transform, going from harsh and heavy tones and vocals to dwindling acoustics almost effortlessly. I was totally mesmerised by all of the different layers to “It’s a Long Road”. Rolling and dramatic riffs and a ever so groovy baseline in places, they really give the essence of the magic and lore of their homeland. 

“Mother of the Unbelievers” is probably my favourite track on this album. Power and passion shine through in every possible way. Chuggy riffs with aggressive harsh vocals are a match made in heaven here. Finishing with another track that was released as a single: “Until Falls the Rain”. With an echoing, haunting intro, it introduces us to the heavy progressive melodies that bring this album to an end.

AMAIN is the first release from CRIMFALL since their last album: “The Writ of Sword”(2011). Released recently under Metal Blade Records.


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Band Line up

Jakke Viitala – Guitar, Orchestra
Mikko Häkkinen – Vocals
Helena Haaparanta – Vocals
Janne Jukarainen – Drums
Miska Sipiläinen – Bass

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