ATORC – Seven Songs of Swords & Ale – Album Review

Suffolk 6 piece – ATORC have now revealed their latest album: “Seven Songs of Swords & Ale”. The UK has somewhat seen a resurgence in Folk Metal, with unsigned folk metal bands popping up all over the country, ATORC really caught our eye.

Opening track “There will be blood” throws you right in at the deep end. With layers of different vocals working so well together, it sets a precedent for what’s to come. Giving you that true authentic folk metal feel comes so freely. The chemistry between the violin from Huldra and technical guitar from Scallywag is spellbinding.

Using a mix of themes we are transported to varying battlefields. Second track “Crossbones” has everything you want from a metal sea shanty. This song makes me want to stand with an ale in hand and singalong. The nautical feel runs through this track in every way and the vocals bring a perfect piratey grit.

From the seven seas to the battlefields of Asgard, “Son’s of Ragnar” brings the thunder. This track is another fantastic Example example of the individual musicianship of the members. Going onto “Boudicca’s Revenge”, the vocals from Hellbard and Boudikath bring this song to life. “Winter Solstice” is a beautiful interlude. It feels so enchanting and intricate, although it’s a shorter track, it it doesn’t lose any of its atmosphere and ambience.

The final (and my personal favourite) track from “Seven Songs of Swords & Ale” is “The Tavern Song”. If, like me, you are partial to a singalong, ale in hand, this will go down a treat. A a classic drinking song needs energetic drums (given to us by Thor) give a backbone to the string solos, haunting, powerful vocals and battle chants.

In the words of WISDOM ATORC:



Track List:

Band Lineup:
Hellbard – Lead vocals
Scallywag – Guitar
The BattleBeast – Bass & Spoken word
Boudikath – Keyboards & backing vocals
Huldra – Violin
Thor – Drums

Band Links:

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